“We are continuing the journey of developing Svedbergs from a leading bathroom company in Sweden to a leading bathroom group in Northern Europe. Our motto is “cooperation without confusion”.

– Per-Arne Andersson, CEO



Ownership structure

Dividend policy

The Board’s objective is that up to 50% of the year’s profit after tax can be distributed to shareholders. The level of the dividend shall take into account the company’s capital needs, growth and investment strategy, with a view to creating future shareholder value with a stable financial position.

The latest annual report
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Financial calendar

Financial calendar for Svedbergs Group’s reports, presentations and other important events. For more information about upcoming events, please contact us

Corporate governance

Svedbergs Group AB (publ) was registered on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on October 3, 1997, on the O-list. The introductory price was set at SEK 16.50 per share. The launch was oversubscribed more than five times. The share is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm – Small Cap. As a listed company, Svedbergs Group applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and hereby submits the 2023 Corporate Governance Report. The corporate governance report does not form part of the formal annual report. The company’s auditors have issued an opinion on the corporate governance report.