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Our sustainability efforts must permeate every aspect of our business, from concept to design and recycling. High-quality products from Svedbergs last for many years and contribute to our profitable business as well as benefiting society.

Sustainability goals

Circular design

Svedbergs Group is working to incorporate circular design principles into product development from the outset. In 2022, we will develop work on circular design flows.

We will develop a circular checklist for use in product development and describe our circular design principles in our design manual.

High share of own production

Around 65% of the Group’s production takes place in its own factories. It provides good control of the value chain, working conditions and production environment, and reduces the environmental impact of transport. The production facilities are located in Dalstorp and Laholm. The Dalstorp plant is ISO certified for both environment and quality according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In our production, water and energy consumption and the use of environmentally hazardous substances are measured and reported on an ongoing basis. products.

Sustainable design

Making and selling quality products that have a long life is a very effective way to reduce our environmental impact. We have started a collaboration with White Architects to develop our work on circular design. Being able to replace parts of products without discarding an entire product is a development that the bathroom segment is moving towards. We have started to develop the range in this direction and some of the products are already adapted to be refurbished without being completely replaced.

An important step in this direction is that in 2021 we introduced the spare parts shop in Norway, Denmark and Finland, in addition to the already existing shop in Sweden. The Spare Parts Shop is an online store for spare parts for Svedberg products, making it easier for consumers to replace single parts in a product and thus prolong its life.

Environmental labelling of products

Svedbergs Group is continuously reviewing existing environmental product labels and adapting processes to comply with relevant certifications. Products are registered in Sunda Hus, Byggvarubedömningen and the Nordic Swan House Product Portal. Where appropriate, the range also carries the CE and S marks, which mean that they meet the EU’s essential health, environmental and safety requirements. Part of the range is eco-labelled and the ambition is to increase this share. The Swedish Construction Product Declaration or equivalent in Norway, Finland and Denmark, contains information about the product and its contents, and is available on request.

Focus areas


Corporate social responsibility

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Reducing the environmental impact of our products

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Resource efficiency

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Wood from sustainable forestry

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