Wood from sustainable forestry

Sustainability goals

It is natural for Svedbergs Group to use wood raw materials from sustainable forestry. By managing forests sustainably, they can provide more raw material while preserving important ecosystems. Our goal is that all wood raw material used should come from an environmentally certified source. In 2022, the Group will start purchasing fully traceable wood raw materials.

Sustainable forestry

The ongoing deforestation of the world’s forests has a major impact on climate change. When forests are cut down faster than new forests can grow, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, increasing the greenhouse effect.

Voluntary forest certification is one of several important tools for moving towards sustainable forest management worldwide, as well as protecting forest animals and plants. Using wood raw material from sustainable forestry promotes natural habitats and biodiversity. At the same time, it contributes to reducing global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally certified wood raw material

The certification of forest management and the labelling of forest products are proof that the products the Group produces and sells come from forests that are managed in a sustainable way.

All the Group’s suppliers of wood and wood products are located in Europe. All wood suppliers are evaluated and must meet the Group’s sustainable forest management requirements.


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