Svedbergs Group achieves a milestone in sustainability with the publication of the Group’s first Environmental Product Declarations

Svedbergs Group has published its first Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The publication underscores the Group’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility while also serving as an important tool for customers and partners to make more informed purchasing decisions.

EPDs, or Environmental Product Declarations, are comprehensive and standardised documents that quantify a product’s environmental impact. Developed through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, the reports evaluate various impact categories, including CO2 emissions, across a product’s lifecycle. This assessment spans from the extraction of raw materials, transportation, and manufacturing processes to its application, end-of-life usage, and potential for recycling.

The relevance of EPDs as critical tools in setting industry benchmarks for sustainability and regulatory compliance is growing, facilitating informed decision-making for customers and partners. The publication represents a significant achievement for the Group and is in line with Svedbergs Group’s focused work and commitment to reducing the Group’s climate impact and contributing to a more sustainable future by maintaining transparency in product manufacturing.

“We are proud to have published our first EPDs and believe that this milestone will not only strengthen the trust our stakeholders place in us but also inspire further industry-wide action towards sustainability,” says Beate Hennessy, Director of Sustainability at Svedbergs Group. “Our EPDs will serve as a valuable tool for architects, builders, and consumers who strive to make more informed and environmentally responsible choices.”